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Panchayati Raj Cell



Report of Training for PRI Cell.pdf

 Recent Amendments

1. West Bengal Panchayat Amendment Act, 2010 Panchayat (Amendment) Act, 2010.pdf

2. West Bengal Panchayat 2nd Amendment Act, 2010 

3. West Bengal Panchayat Amendment Act, 2012 WB Panchayat (Amendment) Act, 2012.pdf

4. West Bengal Panchayat 2nd Amendment Act, 2012 W.B.Panchayat (2nd amndt) Act 2012.pdf

5. West_Bengal_Panchayat_Amendment_Act_2014.pdf

6. West_Bengal_Panchayat_2nd_Amendment_Act_2014

7. West Bengal Panchayat Amendment Act_2015 Bengal Panchayat Amendment Act_2015.pdf

8. West Bengal Panchayat Election Amendment Act, 2012 Election Amendment Act_2012.pdf

9. West Bengal Panchayat Election 2nd Amendment Act, 2012 W.B.Panchayat Election 2nd (Amndt ) Act 2012.pdf

10. West Bengal Panchayat Election Amendement Rule, 2012 Amendment of WB Panchayat Election Rules, 2006 (2012).pdf

11. West Bengal Panchayat Constitution Amendemnt Rules, 2012 constitution last amendment.pdf

12. West Bengal Panchayat (ZP & PS) Accounts and Finance Amendment Rules, 2008 Amendment Rules,2008.pdf


 Training Materials

1. Short Note on System of Panchayats in West Bengal of Panchayat in West Bengal.pdf

2. Short Note on Financial Management of Panchayat Samiti (for DDO's)

3. Cross Word on Panchayat Issues Puzzle.pdf

Important Orders

1. Some Clarifications on Panchayat Act (published during 2003) Clarifications in Behgali on Panchayat Act.pdf

2. Oreder of P&RD, WB regarding e-tender. regarding e tender.pdf

3. (a) Order of Prescribed Authority-I (No. 2744, dated 24/08/2009)

3. (b) Order of Prescribed Authority-II (No. 5316, dated 01/07/2010) authority-5316 Pn dated -01.07.2010.pdf

3. (c) Order of Prescribed Authority-III (No. 3503, dated 01/10/2013)

3. (d) Order of Prescribed Authority-IV (N0. 3504, dated 01/10/2013)

4. Appointment of Officers for Inspection u/s 205 of WBP Act. (No.3244, dated 20/09/2004) U_S_2015.pdf

5. Order regarding function of Sthayee Samiti and Upa-Samiti including Financial Sanction Limit (No. 3373, dated 30/09/2004) regarding expenditure sanction.pdf

6. Order regarding structure, functioning and other related with Upa-Samiti of GP (No. 3395, dated 08/10/2003)

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